Building Green Overview

Echo Spur’s housing development philosophy is that being Green for Green’s sake will never take hold in the broader housing markets until these technologies are proven to reduce the cost and enhance the experience of homeownership. Our objective is to build a neighborhood that seeks to make utility bills a thing of the past in an economically efficient way. In addition, Echo Spur homes will be comfortable and practical while also being environmentally friendly thanks to our use of solar and superinsulation strategies. Echo Spur will also utilize rainwater harvesting strategies to provide free water for irrigation and water management. Our Green roofs serve not only to store the winter’s snow but also to help cool the house. If you desire, you can even use your roof as a garden!

In summary, we seek to build a successfully sustainable development that will “Spur” on the development of “Echo”- logically friendly building to position Park City as a leader in this growing market.

Our Unique Strategies

The lull in new home construction since the credit crisis of 2008-09 means that homebuilders have had very limited opportunities to showcase new sustainable building technology that has been developed. As an example, consider that the first iPhone came out in 2007, just as the housing market was peaking, and that we’re already on iPhone 6 just seven years later. Housing technology is moving just as fast, but adoption is much slower due to the weakness in the overall market. Eventually, homebuyers will realize that the iPhone 6 version of housing technology is much more desirable than used housing stock, and the construction of modern energy efficient homes will result in a substantial reduction in values of existing less efficient homes. The culture of energy efficiency homebuilding is just starting to permeate the market. For example, Congress is considering bills which would require house appraisers to include the value of energy efficient features when calculating the value of a home.

We want the decision to be Green to be as fundamental as putting a roof over your house. In other words, while a roof costs more upfront than not having a roof, a roof will save the homeowner money over the long term. The same holds true for our approach to energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a wise investment because you save money operating your home.